Volcanic Ash - Bentonite Clay

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1. These special ingredients can help maintain cell metabolism and promote skin health.
2. Clean and remove blackheads, oil, dirt and other impurities to cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh. 
3. Moisturizing and hydrating, this cleanser instantly provides relief to dry skin, while improving cell activity and increasing skin elasticity.
4. Provides a variety of nutrients to deeply nourish the skin, improving texture and leaving skin balanced, firm, and glowing.
5. These ingredients offer a is mild cleanser that is suitable for all skin types: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and so on.
6. Lighten pigmentation to improve dull complexion. Skin will become radiant and soft.

Adsorbent Type: Bentonite Clay
Application: facial cleanser, washable mask, whole face cleaner, natural acne treatment, anti-aging, oil control, moisturizing, pigmentation corrector, facial mask

Net Weight: 250 grams
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