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This air dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air to help create a comfortable, dry environment. This quiet, portable air dehumidification units are great for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, basements, offices, storage rooms, and more to help reduce moisture and dampness. This unit can remove more than one cup of water per day (up to 250 milliliters).  Easy to use, this dehumidifier starts with the touch of one button; the water collection tank (holds 2 Cups [500ml]) is detachable and slides out easy to be emptied. When the tank is full, the unit will stop automatically and a LCD indicator will notify you that it's time to empty the water tank. This unit comes with a removable water tank, automatic shut off for full water tank, full tank indicating light, and is certified CE. 

Brand Name: Invitop
Dehumidification Volume: 250 mL per day (at 86˚F with relative humidity at 80%)
Water Tank Capacity: 500 mL
Noise: lower than 35 decibels
Dimensions LxWxH: 8.7x5.7x4.7 Inches
Coverage Area: 215 square feet
Special Features: Automatic Full Tank Shut-Off
Shipping Details: Ships directly from our manufacturing facility, please allow up to four (4) weeks for delivery.